Clifford "Cliff" Stickney and his wife Jennifer have lived in Chatham County since 2005 when they visited the area and fell in love with the county and it's people. Prior to Cliff and Jennifer's move to Chatham County, they lived in Maryland for 3 years. Before attending University in Iowa, Cliff was born and raised in Colebrook, a small town in the northwest of Connecticut .

Cliff attended Graceland University where he played football and studied engineering. He met his wife Jennifer while she also attended Graceland studying to be a teacher. It was love at first sight and they have been together since first meeting each other all the way back in September 1999.

Cliff and Jennifer have two children. Cliff's eldest, A thirteen year old boy, is currently enrolled in the dual language program in Chatham Middle School. Cliff and Jennifer also have a five year old girl who, in August, will start kindergarten in the dual language program at Siler City Elementary School. Cliff and Jennifer understand the importance of supporting and expanding the unique programs offered by Chatham County Schools.

Community Service

Since 2013 Cliff has served the youth of our community through the creation of a youth wresting program in Pittsboro and by serving on the board for the local Little League in East Chatham. Cliff was successful growing both programs through innovative fund raising programs . Through careful succession planning Cliff was able to insure the programs continued success in serving Chatham youth. Cliff, or Coach Cliff as many know him, believes sports in general, and coaches in particular, can have a huge impact on kids. Coach Cliff knows that the athletic foundations kids build in community sports leagues have a positive impact in their schooling helping to drive scholastic success.


Cliff and his wife have both grown up in the Methodist church. They are members of Piney Grove United Methodist church in Siler City. Over the years Cliff has served the church through his work on various committees from the Nurture and education committee to pastor parish relations.


In his professional role, Cliff serves his firm as a Director of Construction. Cliff believes that their are many parallels between building physical infrastructure and building a next generation school system. These similarities include the importance of having a plan, being able to adapt to the changes in those plans, having good communication, and being able to share the visions for the future of those plans. Cliff maintains an close connection to the school system through his wife Jennifer who serves as a special education teacher at Chatham Middle school where she has been since their move to the area in 2005.